cosmicprank is a producer/emcee from San Luis Obispo, California. He recorded his self-produced album good old bad news as one of the first projects at The Sauce Pot Studios in San Luis Obispo, California. He produced the album, performed all vocals and Eric Mattson put finishing touches on the album.

cosmic loves everything from rap to atmospheric black metal. He started off with turntabalism/djing and got involved with producing through a late friend from San Diego, CA that he met while living amongst 8 close friends in a combined duplex whom also greatly shaped his musical leanings; with all members of the house seemingly all having a different favorite genre that they knew about in almost excruciating detail. Throughout college he was heavily involved in traveling with and supporting some of his close friends he met in the Santa Cruz area who became well-known/storied battle rappers in Oakland/Los Angeles before his eyes.

Upon moving back to his hometown, cosmic decided to collect his thoughts over his unusual lifetime. He rapped and “sang” (it’s okay, cosmic is writing this) over his own instrumentals and the result is the album good old bad news recorded at The Sauce Pot Studios.