About Ryan Corvese

Ryan Corvese started playing guitar in the dorms of Cal Poly in late 2013. His first band, The Pacifics, generated a “psych-rock-blues” sound (as they put it at the time), and was notable for performing at Cal Poly’s first Battle of the Bands, along with several underground DIY shows. The Pacific’s only EP was recorded at Speak Studios in February 2016 and produced by local legend Vince Cimo; Ryan played rhythm guitar and wrote both “Hazel Eyes,” and “Goodbye Baby” on the EP. This recording experience ignited a strong passion for writing and recording music.

Following The Pacifics, Ryan spent all of 2017 playing bass guitar in the heavily-gigging alternative rock trio, Up Way Up. Highlights of that band were playing venues like Frog and Peach and The Siren, and headlining the California Festival of Beers. They were lucky enough to have the opportunity to record their third and final EP, Brighter Days, at The Saucepot Studios with the talented producer Rick Loughman.

2018 is an open book. The first chapter began with a new solo EP, “All Out of Gas”, produced once again by Vince Cimo. Recorded entirely on 8 track reel-to-reel tape (like in the good old days), the EP brings a vintage feel to modern times. It is a new direction of sound – featuring Shaun Perisho on drums, Mitch Moriarty on bass, Jessica Neie (formerly with The Pacifics) and AJ Absy (of The Bogeys) on vocals. Be sure to check out “All Out of Gas” below!