Beats: EMortal           +          Rhymes: Risko           =          SPROCKET

            This is a project that has been in the making for the last five years. There were times where we grew anxious to see it released, but we’ve been blessed with the ability to develop this album and now the timing is right. As individual artists/producers and as members of the band that is our heart and soul, Wordsauce, the progression we have undergone has been manifested in SPROCKET. This name represents the key component to progressing towards the achievement of one’s goal in life: dedication. When the decision is made to dedicate yourself to something, all the aspects of your life begin to connect. The energies of your efforts align and you experience forward motion.  The chain that latches onto dedication consists of every detail of your daily life; each detail is a link on the chain, and requires execution in order for the chain to remain engaged with the sprocket. Without dedication, the chain has no ability to create motion.  When dedication prevails, the sprocket engages the chain and progression occurs.

            We extend our utmost gratitude to our families, friends, and supporters for the positivity. Enjoy SPROCKET.