The In The Stu crew headed down to The Teragram Ballroom in L.A. to witness legendary DJ Cut Chemist release his second solo album “Die Cut”, and kickoff his international tour. We sat down with him before his set to talk about the tour and album.

How does it feel to be kicking off your tour in your hometown of L.A.?

Cut Chemist: It feels great! The last time I put out an album “The Audience is Listening”, the first show was in L.A. at The El Rey and that show was epic! We also debuted a lot of tricks for the first time. I don’t know what it was about that night but everything went off without a hitch and it was amazing.  The problems happened later in the tour.

I think we’re getting the opposite ’cause tonight we are doing the same thing, we’re upgrading our tech and trying some new things. Experimenting and everything is failing at sound check, which in my experience always means its going to be a great show, but since I just said that I nullified that whole notion. Superstition tells us the show’s going to suck too.

Are there any stops on the tour that you are particularly stoked on?

CC: For the fact that I’ve never played there, Morro Bay, CA.

Your new album Die Cut came out today, is there a track you are particularly stoked on?

CC: “You Want It, I Got It” is one of my favorites because it’s just different than anything I’ve done before. My collaborator Hymnal who helped me produce What’s the Altitude on “The Audience Is Listening” on wrote this song with me.

We wanted to try to be something different and stretch beyond what we normally do and what were comfortable with. I felt like we did it, it was damn hard and one of the longest songs to mix. Every little detail had to be so perfect.

Cut Chemist

How does a solo tour compare to a tour with a group like J5?

CC: You gotta split the money up six ways with J5. But the pool’s bigger. Both are fun! And I need both, ’cause I’m someone who needs my own space but I’m also thirsty for the interaction between like minded individuals like J5. When we tour it’s a ball of laughs! We have a lot of fun and it’s just so easy for us, cause we’ve been doing it 20 years.

It’s also a legacy where you know what you get at a J5 show. I like that consistency, but I also like the inconsistency of Cut Chemist. It might be the worst show you’ve ever seen and it might be the best, but hopefully it won’t be in the middle, and be forgettable.

Your catalog has a large range of DJ mixes, singles, and collaborations but how does it feel to be putting out another solo album?

CC: It’s surreal! It’s been 12 years since my last artist record, and I feel like I want to run out and make another one and put it out tomorrow! 12 years for this album, and 12 days for the next.

Do you have any cool collaborations on deck?

CC: I just did a remix for El Dusty and we did this remix swap. I’m not sure if it was for the tour or not? My manager just gave me a track and told me to remix it, so I did it…It came out really cool. We’ve collaborated before, hence him being on the tour. It wasn’t a random pull, I wanted him to open up. That’s good cause I’m into the global bass thing. I like digging for records around the world, I specifically like South American music, and global bass is rooted in that culture.

What can people expect on the Die Cut tour?

CC: The unexpected…probably a lot of laughs at me. Tom is curating live visuals and I’m also doing a lot of video directing and editing. I have my hands in the visual aspect a lot more than I did before.

The music obviously is going to have some of “The Audience Is Listening” stuff, maybe you might hear a J5 track. I try to sprinkle a little bit from each part of my legacy so that it represents every part of me.

Check out his new album “Die Cut” and tour dates at