Chinsaku is an inspiring, anonymous producer roaming the Los Angeles area. He makes incredible productions for emcees and standalone beats in the vein of Dilla/Nujabes, two of his biggest influences. Chinsaku is an incredibly kind yet elusive character who hides his face behind a mask, keeping his actual identity a secret. No one knows who is behind these masterful productions. He gets the most wind behind his sails on YouTube, with many of his standalone beats approaching 1 million listens. I got the chance to talk to Chinsaku to better understand his influences for consistently crafting smooth vibes.


Thomas Dente: What’s up Chinsaku! First things first – the mask. Can you tell us about wearing the mask during the livesets and in public around LA in general? 

Chinsaku: The mask that I wear is a symbol of my alter ego, when I wear the mask I become Chinsaku.

T: How are you able to release such quality music so frequently? I like seeing you so often in my stream.

C: I am able to release music so frequently because my life is always inspiring me.

With every track I make I can tell you exactly what was going on at that very moment in time. Sometimes its even a nostalgic feeling or memory that I have.

T: Can you tell us what your shows are like in Los Angeles? 

C: My shows for me are always a very spiritual experience. You can always find incense burning somewhere in the room. I love the energy that LA brings.

T: Chinsaku, are you aware you have your own urban dictionary name and it currently has no thumbs down? That’s amazing man.

C: I had no idea! That shit is hilarious.

T: Of course I’d like to know about your key influences. Music and otherwise. 

C: I would have to say the biggest influences that I have are my family and friends. I also grew up watching a lot of anime. The first anime I ever watched as a kid was My Neighbor Totoro. Miyazaki films always make me feel a certain nostalgic feeling that has always stuck with me. I love the film scores composed by Joe Hisiashi.

T: What is your experience using analog equipment, do you do everything within a specific DAW or is there some analog equipment influence?

C: I currently use FL Studio to produce, I also use various synthesizers such as a moog subphatty and a microkorg.

T: What’s your background, have you always lived in Los Angeles? where have you lived that has had an affect on your life? Particular events that led to wanting to produce music? Were you really into hip-hop from a young age? How long have you been at this?

C: I am originally from Fontana CA, but i moved to LA  when I was 17. I I really just started making beats for fun and for myself. I started using FL STudio on a small notebook laptop that had a cracked screen, so I had to connect my laptop to a television with a VGA cable (before HDMI) That was the original setup. I didn’t have much back then but I always worked with what I had. I have been producing for 11 years.

T: Can you explain how these two men, born on the same day have influenced you?

J Dilla Nujabes

Nujbaes & J Dilla, Chinsaku’s biggest influences

C: J Dilla changed my life, and Nujabes opened my ears. Whenever I hear a Dilla or Nujabes instrumental it hits me right in the soul. Every time. The feeling that they put in there production was so real, pure and raw. They are timeless, their legacy will live on forever. RIP James Dewitt Yancey. RIP Jun Seba.

T: Did you intend to make music for people to rap to or were you always thinking about the music standing on its own?

C: I honestly really just made the beats to stand alone in the beginning, but when i actually started posting my tracks to SoundCloud I was eventually getting contacted by a lot of rappers to collaborate such as The Savior, JunkNuts, and Vagabond Maurice.

T: Is your identity still concealed; has no one seen you without the mask?? Or is this too spooky of a question??

C: My identity has not yet been revealed to the public.

T: Seems like you are pretty big on Dalai Lama, can you explain how he has an influence on your music and outlook on life?

C: I remember the first time I saw him it was at the Long Beach convention center back in 2009, where he spoke of the four noble truths. Ever since then I have always loved his teachings. His most brought up topic is compassion, for me having compassion is very important for a happy life. He really taught me that its not all about religion and traditional practices that makes one happy, its really about being a kind loving person to one another.

T: Have you been to Japan – or does that just have an influence on your music? Either way can you expand on this?

C: Yes! I have been to Japan. I truly miss it. The feeling I get when I am in Japan is indescribable. The people, the music, the food and the scenery. everyone is so kind and helpful. Its a really big change from being in LA. When you are on the bus or train in japan everyone respects one another, phones are set to silent, everyone is very reserved and conscious of one another. I would love to live there one day.

I actually went to japan just for visiting, but I got to meet a lot of great people in the music world like my friend JunkNuts ( Rapper) from Ashikaga, and My friend Mayumi from Osaka that owns a really nice little record shop called LOSER store. One thing I particularly loved  was waking up in the morning and stepping outside to a vending machine that had hot coffee that is bottled. They were so delicious. And of course you gotta love Family Mart!

Family Mart

Chinsaku’s Fave: Family Mart & Coffee Machine

T: Lastly, are you an actual Samurai living in Los Angeles?

C: A Samurai-

I am but a traveling Ronin, wandering the streets of Los Angeles.

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