Charlotte producer Jase was directly inspired by video game elements

Jason Ammons aka Jase Money has a unique approach to marketing his music and the music of his crew Team Gang Squad – “I often take some of my more recent unpublished video game flips and upload them to my youtube channel and put snippets on IG. It gives me a way to put out more material without cluttering my Soundcloud. I have also been updating my Traktrain store with my more popular beats for buyers who want an instant download.” Jase says he was directly inspired by more recent productions that incorporated video game samples in the form of sampled melodies and sound effects. He is an incredibly prolific and talented producer who has taken influences once considered questionable to use in the often critical genre of hip-hop and created masterful soundscapes with them. You owe it to yourself to check out his music!

Thomas Dente: Can you talk about the video game influence on your music? Your music and page is peppered with DBZ/Pokemon/Zelda/Squaresoft references (and of course your Princess Mononoke tattoo)

Jase Money: Video game elements of hip-hop beats on YouTube were what got me interested in making music as a beginner. I would listen to many producers in this community and slowly became apart of it myself. My biggest influences were Raisi K & Natsu Fuji.

T: If you’re an active gamer, how do you balance producing with gaming? 

J: I actually just got to the new Zelda game for Switch, I’ve been playing that a lot lately. Always manage to take time for both though. I chill out on producing sometimes because I am so backed up with beats I want to post I don’t know what to do with them. If anybody needs any, hit me up, I have unreleased material for days.

T: That’s astounding considering the volume of your work and the quality (anyone who hasn’t heard of Jase needs to scroll down and play him throughout the rest of this interview!! Seriously.)

Do you feel proud of your “first” uploads to Soundcloud? I’m not critiquing them whatsoever since File Select is awesome – I just know what it’s like to think “yeesh” at your old music upon revisiting. 

J: I hate deleting my tracks, I wish i could keep all of them. If I feel like one just isn’t right I won’t end up posting it anyways. All my Soundcloud tracks from 2015-2016 are now chillin’ in the vault. Some of my earlier tracks do mean something to me and I don’t intend on deleting them.

Jase Money in 2017

Jase Money in 2017

T: What is your live show history?

J: I have played a good number of shows just playing my beats basically and with Team Gang Squad over the last couple of years we have hit most of Charlotte’s local venues  – we are always looking for our next opportunity to perform so if you have any connects hit me up!

T: Have you yourself been out to California? I saw the repost of Shattercup that you posted a while back but I wasn’t clear on if you were going to be here.

J: I am going to be in California for the first time from July 10th to July 16th for the Chalice Festival with JP!

T: Also who is all in Team Gang Squad and how did you meet? Was it before or after you guys had gotten into music and what had ya’ll pursued before that?

J: Me, Tymz, and Ricky lived in the same hood when i was in middle/high school but the group didn’t come together until I graduated and started to get decent with recording & producing.

T: Is hip-hop your first and only influence or have you been  involved in other genres? I see the metal influence in some of your posts (what was Lysergia), any insight into that? Maybe this can be a good jumping off point to give your whole musical history point that led to what your doing in 2018 and your goals for 2020+

J: I always was attracted to hip-hop since I was a kid but getting older i grew on other genres, I can list some of my old favorites.

Rock, Pop-Punk, Indie, Metal, Death Metal, Deathcore, Hardcore, Grindcore, Metalcore , etc.

T: Thanks a lot for speaking with me with your busy schedule man. Particular favorite productions of yours?

J: I’m bad at picking favorites. Check out the “Produced by Jase Money” playlist on SoundCloud here for 86 tracks by myself and others:

Jase Money:
Jase Money drum kit!