kudasai creates aural bliss and has generated a passionate following fast

Christian Songco aka ‘kudasai‘ is a 19 year old producer from Chino Hills, CA, near Los Angeles. Christian found music exclusively through the internet – YouTube and SoundCloud alone inspired him to produce. I’ve been following him this year and his growth has been explosive – he’s only been producing for about a year. Christian loves the phrase “vibes to the world with humble arms” and feels it describes his music, where he came from and what he was thinking of when he started his whole journey. He feels he still often must remind himself that he has a long way to go – however his sound is incredibly sophisticated and refined… kudasai absolutely has a bright future in music. Before you dive into this interview, check out this video where kudasai breaks down how he created one of his beats in Ableton.

Thomas Dente: kudasai, you seem to be someone who falls squarely in the lofi camp. Did you do different types of producing before or is this what drew you into wanting to create music yourself?

kudasai: I actually started producing because of lofi hip hop so I immediately jumped into learning how through YouTube tutorials and trying to breakdown other songs to see what makes up a general lofi song. I eventually started looking to Serum and synth design because I also really like future music which definitely came into my lofi work which I do now. I kept creating music because it became an outlet for me to just vent out whatever I’m thinking.

T: Who are some of the major influences that made up your sound you could recommend to readers?

K: Flume and Ta-Ku were huge influences for me especially around the time that I started making music. I listen to a lot of hip hop including old school, but I think these two artists had the biggest impact on what kind of music I wanted to start making. Then once I got into listening to lofi hip hop it was definitely the classics; the guys who have gotten the biggest like Tomppa and Jinsang

I listen to a lot of Whereisalex and I think is the artist that’s found mostly in my likes. Lately, now that I’ve made more friends through producing, I’ve been introduced to a lot more lofi such as jeiku, equity slate, w00ds, less.people, .anxious., goosetaf, too ugly, fortnight, north takoda, biskwiq, meechy, etc. There’s a lot more (all my friends are talented).

T: Is your Soundcloud your full body of work?

K: I also have my music on all major platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Apple music, etc.)

T: Your name means roughly “please”, correct? What influence does Japan have on your music?

K: Yes it translates roughly to “please give me” and a lot of people notice how my songs line up with the name, for example, “please give me the girl I haven’t met”. However, I actually got that name from an older song titled “Chotto Matte Kudasai” and the version I loved to listen to was by Sam Kapu. That song has a lot of sentimental meaning for me so I decided to go with a tribute to that.

T: What is your process for starting a beat? Do you have many presets for starting new songs?

K: I actually don’t sample, I know a lot of people think I do because I get asked where I find the guitar from my songs a bit. I play my own guitar in all my songs. Nothing against sampling, it’s just in my opinion I’d just rather not sample because it doesn’t feel like my song or like I made the song when I do. I usually start with chords usually on my guitar, then I try to hum out a melody, add in some drums, structure it a bit, add some effects, and then adding final touches.

T: Did Chino Hills have any influence on your music?

K: I don’t think my hometown helped me get into lofi hip hop or producing because I didn’t know anybody that even knew what lofi hip hop was in high school unless I introduced it to them and nobody produced either. I had a close friend of mine make music with me (she’s actually still featured on one of my songs), but other than that, all my influences were derived from something I did or found on the internet.

T: So you got involved with Grape Records on the internet? How did you get involved?

K: Around this time last year I was still a solo artist not knowing anybody and trying to meet new people to work with. I came across Grape Records very randomly and decided to shoot my shot and slide into the DMs to see if I could join or at least work with them somehow. By then I was scouting for collectives that would take me in. I think I had also tried to request  for Dreameasy and Cozy Collective which is kind of funny now because I’m friends with a lot of members from those collectives.

Anyways, I got a message back from the president who is now a really close friend of mine and he told me they weren’t accepting any new members at that moment. The next day he told me he changed his mind and then I joined Grape Records. The Grape Records guys have been really great and once I had released my debut track “a night together”, I started to make a name for myself.

kudasai’s “when i see you”. He is available on the following platforms: