Lucidity Festival is the perfect blend of art, spirituality, electronic and live music and SLO based Mannequins by Day is hustling hard to win the “Moon’s Eye View : Songwriting Competition”, which would give them a spot performing at the festival.

The competition, open to both bands and electronic artists, required that the artist write a new song based on an artful poem supplied by the Lucidity team. The message of the poem essentially boiled down to “When you look at the Earth from the broad perspective of the Moon, what do you see?”

Local group Mannequins by Day interpreted this message and created the song Walls; which proclaims that inevitably, humans will realize that the barriers between us are nothing more than a veil, and that through collaboration and cooperation, we can see that we truly are a single, unified planet.

Quickly after writing the song, they collaborated with local coffee shop “Ascendo“, who graciously donated the use of their space to shoot a live performance video.

The contest is now in full swing and Mannequins By Day is currently in 3rd place, down by only a few votes. Support this local group and give them a vote!

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Then, visit and reply to the comment that has “Walls – Mannequins by Day” in the title.