Pure fun, Pure rhythm

First of all, if you live on the Central Coast and haven’t experienced Samba Loca, you are seriously missing out my friend. There is no way you cannot dance; this mobile drum orchestra focuses on learning both traditional and contemporary Samba patterns with their own twist. The mix of infectious polyrhythms, virtuosic drumming and high energy call and response creates an experience like no other and there’s a great samba school for learning.

Samba school open to the public

Samba Loca is the performance arm of the Drum Circuit Samba School; headed up by Graham Yates and working in collaboration with Howard, the owner of Drum Circuit and Bruce and Sean from Drum & Perk. It’s a great group of some very talented percussionists. Most noteworthy, they hold consistent classes and during the Summer, host the ‘Summer of Samba’ events in at Avila Beach. These free events encourage everyone to bring a drum. You follow along with the veteran drummers to learn some amazing Samba beats through call and response.

Check them out at Music-Con!

In conclusion, you will not want to miss the Drum Circuit Samba School at Music Con 2018!! Their performance, scheduled for 4:30 PM on March 18th up at Tooth and Nail will feature a large crew of drummers playing a variety of unusual drums. Music-Con runs from 12 PM – 6 PM. Finally, the event hosts a number of other performances, workshops and a music business expo. So, don’t miss it! Full schedule and line-up here: