Welcome to our recording, music and rehearsal studios

We’re very happy you’ve found us. In the Stu is the visual expression to compliment the musical expression of an amazing recording studio. We do everything in our power to creatively express and connect with the hearts and minds of musicians and listeners. We’ve had incredible musicians record here recently, such as Mannequins by Day and The Bogeys.

A little bit about the scene

We’re a big thinking crew, based out of the perpetual summer paradise of San Luis Obispo, CA and the greater Central Coast. The music scene is bustling with active bands. California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo’s major university is teeming with creative geniuses. But, too many of them are making music in their bedrooms when they could be utilizing The Sauce Pot Studios! As it’s affectionately known, the Central Coast hosts an array of venues, wineries and events.

Yet we at The Sauce Pot felt like a piece of the puzzle was missing. Especially because the Central Coast music community is tight knit and bursting at the seams with creativity. But until now there has never been a place for this community to maintain continuity in their expressions online. In the Stu is that hub. As a result of hard work, we are now the place for creative artists on the Central Coast.

Studio Live Room

The legwork is done

There is a history of building that has resulted in us being able to consistently generate high quality new content.

Consequently, construction started in 2012, in a warehouse on the south side of town. In response to the combination of high rents, strict noise ordinances and a large population of musicians there was an extremely high demand for quality recording studios and practice spaces. Within 3 months, ‘Sauce Pot 1’ finished, thanks to the hard work and vision of the Wordsauce crew. The new warehouse featured 6 practice rooms and within the first month was completely full. The community had begun.

Two years later in 2014, construction began on Sauce Pot II, two doors down in the same complex. The new space featured five new rehearsal rooms with updated interior design and overall tighter construction. The community responded and again, filled the spaces with music.


Since that time there has been a community of talented artists literally simmering at the Sauce Pot. Most of all, it became clear to us that a recording studio was the necessary step to give these artists, and many more a firmly planted voice.

So, the result of our kickass studio builders is Sauce Pot III. Furthermore, it is really the jewel of the three warehouses. It features a beautiful studio with four acoustically isolated spaces. We have a fully stocked mixing suite. We have two adjacent mixing rooms, rented out by the talented engineer Rob Vermulean and Vince Cimo (me!). It really is a great place to work and watch others create.

In addition to all the hard work, none of this would mean anything if it weren’t for the staff and artists. I’ve been to several rehearsal studio spaces in large cities. Sauce Pot Studios has something truly unique; community and overall openness. The Sauce Pot is true to its name, in that it really is a melting pot of musicians. Hence, we have videographers, programmers, social media marketers and electrical engineers on the team.

The Sauce Pot synth room

What to expect

Music. Videos. Album reviews, tutorials on how to use side chain compression for that perfect beat. Mic shootouts, camera reviews, show promos, band interviews. Furthermore, our content will be curated, organized and blasted out into the digital world for people to digest as they may. In conclusion, as we grow, our goal is to have our readers participate in shaping our content and art.

Because we love what we do, we’ve got the crew, we’ve got the tools, and there’s no stopping us.

For information about recording at ‘The Sauce Pot Studios’ recording studio, visit: