Authentic and Uncompromisingly Funk-tastic

Respect the Funk is a young but extremely talented and informed production company focusing on original content, publications and productions. Respect The Funk has a quarterly magazine, creates high-quality video content and puts on events. They host their own stage at a local music festival called “Shabang”.

Rebels with a Cause

Active deviation from the standard path of ‘work in an office from 9-5’ is not easy. Especially when you are a self-sufficient 22 year old trying to take on the world. It takes dedication, follow-through and a virtuosic talent for creating value. The Respect The Funk members all made an informed choice to blaze their own path. They create high quality content and people take notice. They are fully determined to ‘stray from the main path in order to find the riches of life’.

Some new friends

I first met the Respect The Funk crew at my mixing space in the The Sauce Pot Studios. I was working on a mix for Mannequins By Day song ‘Blinding Light‘ when they stopped by with my good friend and local legend Olly Issa. After taking a listen, they offered to shoot a live video of us playing the song for their blog. In my years of being in bands, I’ve met countless people. Often after seeing a show or hearing a recording, these people offer up their services and ultimately disappear, but The Sauce Pot Studios followed through.

Not only did they get in contact, shoot and edit the video within weeks, they even went so far as to get the song on local radio and put up some of their own money to help market the content. Dedication and follow-through like this is rarely seen, especially in it’s youthful state. Considering the high quality of the product they delivered, I will now be hiring them for all of my own personal video needs. They’ve also become great friends. Hell yeah, life.

Be Sure to Check them Out

First off, make sure you get a feel for what these guys are all about at their website, They have numerous articles and videos online so you can get a feel for their work. Even more importantly, don’t forget to check out their booth at Music Con! March 18th, 12 PM – 6 PM, the Respect The Funk crew will be representing up at Tooth & Nail Winery for the free, all-ages Central Coast Music Convention. Their booth stays populated with merchandise and magazines for you to peruse. Want to know more about the fun happenings at Music-Con? Check out the full schedule and lineup here