A Vibe Like None Other

In the great expanse of the Mojave Desert lies a very special place, filled with amazing rock formations, vast vistas and the utterly unique Joshua Tree.

Twice a year, just outside Joshua Tree National Park, visitors gather from all around and form a vibrant, diverse community of beautiful people sharing their arts.

What makes Joshua Tree Music Festival so special to me is the unique vibe they’ve cultivated. They feature a wide variety of music (the last time I was there I saw an African Street Orchestra as well as some amazing House music) and have a wide variety of environments set up for all different ages and desires.

This offering has garnished them with a community that has absolutely none of the distasteful elements that often come with throwing an event of this magnitude. The bro-y, grope-y, too drunk to remember/care crowd just didn’t exist! Instead, it seemed everyone I met had some amazing insight to offer.

To me, this makes all the difference. It’s already amazing to be in such a beautiful place, watching performances obviously cultivated by people who care deeply about music, but it really does become magic when everyone you’re surrounded by is just truly shining.

Holy crap the 2019 Lineup…

So yeah, I had a good time last year :). But man…listening to the 2019 line-up…I freaking can’t wait to dance. Currently playing loud and proud while I’m writing this is MY BABY, a band I’ve never heard of, with the most bizarrely awesome blend of southern blues, EDM, and Indian influences.

Here’s a Spotify playlist featuring a track from every artist (with Spotify tracks) that I put together to give you guys a little taste of the amazing offering coming this May:

Final Words

I was going to go through and outline some of my favorites, but after listening through all this music. I can’t. It’s too diverse and it’s all too good. It would be like asking someone to pick their favorite drink…..it really depends on the time of day and what I need.

Get There

I guess at this point I should state here, we have no financial motivation to this festival selling tickets; they are just awesome and we want you to know about it.

So go ahead, if you want to revel in the magic, buy a ticket. They’re freaking cheap…$180 for a 4 day camping pass is pittance compared to what some of these festivals go for.

It almost costs as much just to camp there without the festival happening. Ok. That’s enough from me. Here’s a ticket link.